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Meg Potter 

Like many Yukoners’ Meg came for the summer and never left. Her commitment to the North is unwavering. Meg has over 20 years of bookkeeping and business building experience in the Yukon. Precision Bookkeeping and Business Management Services opened its doors 8 years ago and is going strong with Meg, Alisha, Elke and Corinna at your service. Precision specializes in Corporate bookkeeping, non for profit and sole proprietors/partnerships books and business development for all their clients. They design and manage budgets and help grow your business by offering expert advise and visioning. Precision clients are from all over the Yukon. Meg loves traveling to Yukon communities to spend time with her clients. Offering services that are custom to their client’s business is very important to Precision. Meg is an instructor with the Yukon College, Bookkeeping Certification program. She has authored courses for the Yukon College such as ‘Preparing for your Year End’ and ‘Reading Financial Statements’. Meg looks forward to working with NGI clients to help build financial departments and to customize train programs for the personnel working within your financial departments. They will help to ensure budgets are well managed, good financial control procedures are present and that your team feel well trained in their positions within the financial department.

Meg loves the outdoors and considers it a blessing that we have all we have in the Yukon. Starting as a city girl she has had to learn a lot about the wild outdoors. Up to the challenge, she now enjoys a variety of year round outdoor activities; snowshoeing, hiking, hunting, fishing and cabin life! She is passionate that Yukon remain one of the most healthy and pristine places on earth.  


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