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The Institute


Sharing knowledge for a confident future, contributing to the social, economic and political advancement of northern society.


To help our community and clients realize their goal of "good government" by anticipating and supporting their knowledge and understanding of:

  • ​strategy and planning;

  • law, regulation and policy;

  • intergovernmental relations;

  • leadership and management in government;

  • design and structure of government;

  • politics and administration.

Who We Are:

The Northern Governance Institute was founded in 2015 to provide knowledge services to northern governments and governing organizations. Our particular focus is supporting Indigenous governments. We also serve public government: federal, territorial and community. A wide range of services and can be found by visiting the "Services" tab.

Our Whitehorse offices are located at 508 Hanson Street. There is a board room available to groups of 10 to 12 useful for meetings, negotiations and training. There is also short-term office space available to clients.


Our founding Director is Yukon born, Kirk Cameron who specializes in facilitation, strategic planning, and Indigenous and intergovernmental relations. The rest of the Northern Governance Institute team brings a dynamic array of skillsets, 

knowledge and additional expertise to your unique project or need. To learn more about our affiliates, please visit the "NGI Team" tab.


If you'd like to see more of what we're up to, please visit our LinkedIn page where public policy topics written by its members will be posted and issues we care about will be forwarded to our followers. From time to time we will be hosting workshops at the Institute on subjects important to northern affairs. If you would like to receive emails on workshop and Institute activities, please send us a message through the Contact tab.

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