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Erika Molby

Erika Molby is a Political Science Graduate from the University of British Columbia with primary
focus on global comparative politics. Previously, she graduated from the British Columbia Institute of
Technology under the Building Technology and Architectural Design Program. After graduation, Erika
moved to Whitehorse from Vancouver, British Columbia and is now a Yukon Resident.


Since moving to the Yukon, Erika has been a valued substitute educator for rural and local schools before transitioning to work for Northern Governance Institute.  Over the years, Erika has gained intensive experience in managerial, analytic and communication positions. Through these positions, she has been responsible for a variety of complex professional service contracts and is knowledgeable in dealing with heritage or land designation, grant applications, development agreements and lease agreements. With developed analytic, writing and research skills, Erika has excelled in maximizing community involvement through various data collection, interpretation and implementation processes. 

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